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Scrum Master |
Вопрос 1 из 30

~ When do Development Team members become the exclusive owner of a Sprint Backlog item?

At the Sprint planning meeting

Never. All Sprint Backlog Items are "owned" by the entire Development Team, even though each one may be done by an individual development team member

Whenever a team member can accommodate more work

During the Daily Scrum

Вопрос 2 из 30

~ What are the major properties of a cross-functional Development Team?

The team is able to complete the project according to the planning, after the date and cost are committed to the Product Owner

The team has all the skills on board, needed to accept collective ownership for the next product increment

All team members have a the knowledge and experience needed to deliver the correct product increment

The team comprises competence teams dedicated to particular domains like specialized testing or business analysis, to facilitate deliverance of the highest business value

Вопрос 3 из 30

~ Which one thing does the Development Team do during the first Sprint?

Develop and deliver at least one piece of functionality

Determine the complete architecture and infrastructure for the product

Develop a plan for the rest of the release

Create the complete Product Backlog to be developed in subsequent Sprints

Вопрос 4 из 30

~ The Development Team should not be interrupted during the Sprint. The Sprint Goal should remain intact. These are conditions that foster creativity, quality and productivity. Based on this, which of the following is FALSE?

The Product Owner can help clarify or optimize the Sprint when asked by the Development Team

The Sprint Backlog is fully formulated in the Sprint Planning meeting and does not change during the Sprint

As a decomposition of the selected Product Backlog Items, the Sprint Backlog changes and may grow as the work emerges

The Development Team may work with the Product Owner to remove or add work if it finds it has more or less capacity than it expected

Вопрос 5 из 30

~ When does the next Sprint begin?

Next Monday

Immediately following the next Sprint Planning

When the Product Owner is ready

Immediately after the conclusion of the previous Sprint

Вопрос 6 из 30

~ Who has the final say on the order of the Product Backlog?

The Development Team

The Product Owner

The Scrum Master


Вопрос 7 из 30

~ What is NOT an attribute of the Development Team?

Members of Development Teams are exchanged frequently to promote continuous learning and cross-functionality

The Development Team provides input for the Sprint Planning Meeting with respect to the projected capacity during the upcoming Sprint

The Development Team may re-negiotiate with the Product Owner the work needed to deliver the agreed upon sprint goal during the running sprint, when more is learned

The Development Team update their estimate of the total amount of remaining work for completion of the running sprint, so that it can be plotted on the Sprint Burndown Chart

Вопрос 8 из 30

~ The Development Team should have all the skills needed to:

Complete the project as estimated when the date and cost are committed to the Product Owner

Do all of the development work, except for specialized testing that requires additional tools and environments

Turn the Product Backlog items it selects into an increment of potentially releasable product functionality

It depends

Вопрос 9 из 30

~ The time-box for a Daily Scrum is?

The same time of day every day

Two minutes per person

4 hours

15 minutes

Вопрос 10 из 30

~ Scrum does not have a role called "Project manager"



It depends on team size

I don't know

Вопрос 11 из 30

~ Which statement best describes the Sprint Review?

It is a mechanism to control the Development Team's activities during a Sprint

It is when the Scrum Team and stakeholders inspect the outcome of a Sprint and figure out what to do next

It is a demo at the end of the Sprint for everyone in the organization to check on the work done

All answers apply

Вопрос 12 из 30

~ Which statement best describes Scrum?

A complete methodology that defines how to develop software

A cookbook that defines best practices for software development

A defined and predictive process that conforms to the principles of Scientific Management

A framework within which complex products in complex environments are developed

Вопрос 13 из 30

~ Who is responsible for managing the progress of work during a Sprint?

The Development Team

The Scrum Master

The Product Owner

The most junior member of the Team

Вопрос 14 из 30

~ During the Daily Scrum, the Scrum Master's role is to:

Lead the discussions of the Development Team

Make sure that all 3 questions have been answered

Manage the meeting in a way that each team member has a chance to speak

Teach the Development Team to keep the Daily Scrum within the 15 minute time-box

Вопрос 15 из 30

~ Scrum allows for re-estimating tasks based on growing insight. Which Scrum team member is responsible for updating the estimates of the work during a Sprint?

The Development Team

The Scrum Master

The most senior member of the Team

The Product Owner

Вопрос 16 из 30

~ The purpose of a Sprint is to produce a done increment of working product



It depends

I don't know

Вопрос 17 из 30

~ An organization has decided to adopt Scrum, but management wants to change the terminology to fit with terminology already used. What will likely happen if this is done?

Without a new vocabulary as a reminder of the change, very little change may actually happen

The organization may not understand what has changed with Scrum and the benefits of Scrum may be lost

Management may feel less anxious

All answers apply

Вопрос 18 из 30

~ When multiple teams work together on the same product, each team should maintain a separate Product Backlog



It depends on team size

I don't know

Вопрос 19 из 30

~ The Product Backlog is ordered by:

Size, where small items are at the top and large items are at the bottom

Risk, where safer items are at the top, and riskier items are at the bottom

Least valuable items at the top to most valuable at the bottom

Whatever is deemed most appropriate by the Product Owner

Вопрос 20 из 30

~ When is a Sprint over?

When all Product Backlog items meet their definition of done

When the Product Owner says it is done

When the time-box expires

When all the tasks are completed

Вопрос 21 из 30

~ Who is NOT on the Scrum Team?

The Scrum Master

The Product Owner

The Development Team

The Project Manager

Вопрос 22 из 30

~ Time-boxing is an important principle of Scrum. What is the exact meaning of a meeting having a time-box?

The meeting must happen by a given time

The meeting must happen at the same time every day

The meeting must take at least a minimum amount of time

The meeting can take no more than a maximum amount of time

Вопрос 23 из 30

~ Upon what type of process control is Scrum based?





Вопрос 24 из 30

~ When might a Sprint be abnormally terminated?

When it becomes clear that not everything will be finished by the end of the Sprint

When the Development Team feels that the work is too hard

When the sales department has an important new opportunity

When the Sprint Goal becomes obsolete

Вопрос 25 из 30

~ What is the way a Scrum Master keeps a Development Team working at its highest level of productivity?

By facilitating Development Team decisions

By starting and ending the meetings at the proper time

By keeping high value features high in the Product Backlog

It depends

Вопрос 26 из 30

~ The three pillars of empirical process control are:

Inspection, Transparency, Adaptation

Planning, Inspection, Adaptation

Respect For People, Kaizen, Eliminating Waste

Transparency, Eliminating Waste, Kaizen

Вопрос 27 из 30

~ The length of a Sprint should be:

Short enough to keep the business risk acceptable to the Product Owner

Short enough to be able to synchronize the development work with other business events

No more than four weeks

All of these answers are correct

Вопрос 28 из 30

~ It is mandatory that the product increment be released to production at the end of each Sprint



It depends

I don't know

Вопрос 29 из 30

~ Why is the Daily Scrum held at the same time and same place?

The consistency reduces complexity

The place can be named

The Product Owner demands it

Rooms are hard to book and this lets it be booked in advance

Вопрос 30 из 30

~ What is the role of Management in Scrum?

Continually monitor staffing levels of the Development Team

Monitor the Development Team's productivity

Support the Product Owner with insights and information into high value product and system capabilities. Support the Scrum Master to cause organizational change that fosters empiricism, self-organization, bottom-up intelligence, and intelligent release of

Identify and remove people that aren't working hard enough


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